Tuesday, June 30, 2015

How to Choose Your Home Decor?

Home is definitely your favorite place in the whole world. It should be a place that has a cozy welcome feel to it and is a reflection of your personality, interests and tastes. Your home is the place where you can be just you without any pretenses.
When it comes to your home decor, you definitely want only the very best. Your home decor should be one that is welcoming, relaxing and also beautiful. Every home is different and is a reflection of the interests, likes and dislikes of the people living in it. How then, do you decide on the decor of your home? If you are starting on your home decor right from scratch, it becomes easy for you to decide on a particular theme and have each room designed and decorated according to the theme.
  • Colors of the home: The colors of your home play an important role in the looks and also the feel it creates. You can decide to use neutral and earthy shades for the living area. A brightly painted wall in the midst of neutral shades is a new trend these days that has found popularity. DIY home decor ideas available on the internet and also interior design magazines can prove to be really helpful while working on your home decor. Whether you decide on paint or wall paper it is best to make an informed choice. Each room will have its own distinct character however, make sure to maintain a harmony throughout the house.

  • Fabric: Fabric is one important material that can lend a lot of character to your home. Whether it is the upholstery of your sofas, curtains, carpets and rugs or the sheets that you decide to use for your bed, it adds a new flavor and feel to the room. With fabrics available in so many different types, colors and designs it truly becomes easy to find the material needed to create your desired effect. Fabrics can also be put together to create beautiful quilts, lovely wall hangings and decorative covers for throw pillows. A little thought on the effect you wish to create can actually create wonders. Dramatic effects can be created with the right use of fabric. Decide on the overall look you wish to create, buy your fabric and work towards achieving the style. For instance, cotton silk fabric have a nice sheen and are available in varied colors too. The fabric can be worked to form beautiful cushion covers and that too well within your budget. It is a good substitute to expensive silk, especially so if your budget is rather tight.

  • Lighting: Lighting is an integral part of your home decor. Choosing the right lighting is extremely important for highlighting the different areas of your home. Lighting should be both functional as well as be practical to be able to create the right ambiance. Lighting used should be functional especially in the kitchen and the study areas of the home.

  • Accessories: The little artifacts that are artistically used in the home give it the style desired. You may decide to go in for a particular style and create the ambiance as per the theme that you have in mind. For instance, if a traditional Indian home is what you have in mind, then using handmade Indian home decorations are a great idea. From beautiful handmade baskets, figurines, wall hangings depicting traditional Indian art forms, rangolis, paintings by local artists are all just what you need. Using brass lamps and tribal art works too add to the ambiance.
The home is your little beautiful space in the world. Go all out and ensure that your home decor creates an ambiance that will help you relax and rejuvenate. Home interiors should be chosen carefully and after fair thought to all the different aspects of your home. Going through the various home decor and interior design magazines or even employing the services of a qualified interior decorator is a great way to achieve the desired look and feel for your home.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Platform Beds - Advantages and Disadvantages of Owning Platform Beds

Platform beds are making a huge come back into the marketplace. Although very popular in the early 1970's they seem to becoming ever more popular today. Sales in platform beds have been steadily rising every year. These kinds of beds are typically sold in contemporary stores and exclusive niche stores that cater to high end customers. Modern furniture stores are adding much more platform bed into their showrooms than ever before. In the past, furniture stores would just have one or two different beds on display. Typically they were set aside in the children's furniture section of the store.  Since there coming into the marketplace, consumers are asking more and more questions about them. 
Contrary to popular belief, platform beds are just as comfortable as any other bed that has a mattress and box springs. Most people spend half their entire lifetime on their back sleeping.  So it's important that you are comfortable and to eliminate any discomfort that might arise from having a very bad bed. Platform beds are also very sturdy and can handle just as much weight and pounding as any other typical type of a bed.
Cost is a huge factor for buyers of platform beds. As stated earlier, the platform beds usually catered to the upscale consumers. Platform bed prices can range from as high over $4,000 to small as $100. There was an increase in demand and the manufacturers had to adjust their process to reduce the prices while increasing the supply. The reduced price would mean it would be more popular for the larger buying consumers to make a purchase..
Some of the changes the manufacturers' made were adding storage underneath the platform beds. They take into the factor of buyers that have limited storage space in their rooms. Having a storage drawer under the bed proved to be a very good feature. Salesman had to be trained to advise potential customers that platform beds are just as comfortable and good as a normal bed. 
One of the many advantages of platform bed is that is very sturdy and can handle a lot of weight. The flat surface supports the entire mattress rather than using a box spring type system. Another great advantage is platform beds are virtually noiseless. You don't have to hear a squeaky spring every time your spouse tosses and turns throughout the entire night. Also there is a sure cost advantage. You can be saving large amounts of money by not purchasing the box spring.
Just like anything else there are some disadvantages of owning a platform bed if you never owned one before. Of course not all platform beds are cheaper than regular beds. One of the most important things to check if you already own a mattress is to read the manufacturers instructions. Some of them say that they require a box spring to adequately provide support. It is very possible that you could possibly void your warranty if you don't take this precaution. That's why some mattress stores will refuse to sell you a mattress without the matching box spring.
Keep in mind that platform beds are strong and the quality of the bed is determine on what and where you purchase it from. The level of quality is determined by your choice of comfort and the price your willing to pay. Just don't be afraid and leave it out as an option on your next bed purchase. Keep an open mind to it and hopefully you make a wise decision and make it a platform bed.

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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Choosing Your Window Treatment - Draperies, Blinds Or Shutters

Draperies, blinds and shutters - these are the common treatments for windows. However, do not think that they perform the same functions. They may be used for the same purposes but they may be serving different objectives and aesthetic appeal. The two common purposes - shield indoors from sunlight and give privacy to the residents - are provided by any of these three.
You can be confused and indecisive on choosing the right window treatment, especially when this is your first. Your decision is influenced by several factors in your house such as space, your objective, the price and your budget. Be reminded that each of the three types will give different effects and look.
In the past, we were so concentrated on draperies or the smaller version - curtains. These come in different colors and designs and they also come in different styles and fabrics. These are used to block the entry of sunlight. They serve a second purpose which is to give the room a beautiful look. In some instances, they serve to give privacy as they block the view of the house's interior.
There is one big drawback in the use of draperies and this is maintenance. They gather dust and you will need to wash them regularly. And what goes with the frequent washing is the possibility of fading and wear and tear of use. They are big pieces and it would really be tough job washing them.
Because of the drawback of draperies, many homes had made blinds their window treatments. These are best in blocking the sunlight's entry into the room. Easier to maintain, the blinds provide insulation management. They as conceal the interior of the room. Blinds now come in different kinds, materials, styles, sizes, dimensions, colors and designs. Blinds are made of slats and these parts can have different thickness or width. Some of the materials used are faux wood, vinyl, fabrics, plastics and synthetic fibers. The variation affects the price such that you will find different blinds having different costs.
Blinds are easy to find - both in on site and online shops. You can order them in accordance to the dimensions of your windows. They are even available in discounted price especially when the shop offers promotional prices. This may be more expensive than draperies but with a choice of high quality blinds, your invested money on blinds can stretch for a number of years.
The third alternative to window covering is shutter. But mind you, this type is the most expensive. These kinds afford the best in privacy purpose and are also the best in blocking the sun, light and glare. Thus they are the most efficient. These are heavier than the blinds.
Knowing these attributes of the three types of window covers which do you think will be best suited to your house? Are you dressing your windows with draperies, blinds or shutters?

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Friday, June 19, 2015

Dreaming Of The Perfect Interior? Call Kim of Wirth Furniture & Interiors, Inc.!

Whether you have a blank slate or want a complete redo, or just a few perfect pieces, or changes to make your interior just the way you want it, Wirth Furniture has your secret weapon: Kim Wirth, Interior Decorator.

About Kim Wirth

Kim Wirth's title is Interior Decorator (and also, owner. . .), but her expertise is far beyond that. Kim will design interior spaces to meet and even exceed your expectations. From personal residences to multi-unit complexes to commercial buildings and even new environmentally friendly spaces, Kim has done them all with the most important attribute: Happy Customers!

 Kim has had a flair for design since she was 15 years old and has been helping people with their design needs for three generations of customers. Her goal is to give you design help on an individual basis based on what you want and your lifestyle. She works with contractors and architects as easily as individuals--and not just locally, but all over California. She's even designed spaces and supplied furniture and accessories for homes in Guam and Hawaii. Her years of experience allows her to design spaces with just a floor plan and an interview.

 Kim has also done decorating for commercial buildings, a 32 unit Bed & Breakfast complex in Mendocino, and a huge number of homes and businesses throughout Northern California. She can design custom furniture and have them hand-crafted by a local craftsman she has used for years with wonderful success. It doesn't matter if it is one room, a whole home, a kitchen, or a large business, Kim provides her brand of personal service and so many people have become friends as well as customers.

For a nominal fee, Kim will come to your location in the area and consult with you and give you a plan to look over. She has the expertise and the passion for her work to insure you will be pleased with the result from initial consultation to completion of the job.

Give Kim a call today at 530-662-0291. 

Monday, June 15, 2015

15 Awesome Facts On Interior Design

Interior design is defined by many as an art that has two sides, one creative, and the other a more technical one. It implies designing the indoor space of residential houses and apartments, as well as commercial property. The practice of interior design involves many steps starting from planning, executing, positioning of the furniture, wallpapers, arrangement of house elements, supervising, etc.
Most of the times, we have no choice how the place we live in looks from the outside, especially for people who live in condos and apartments. That's why the most important way in which people can express their uniqueness and creativity is the indoor space. This indoor space is your own private paradise, and you can choose how to decorate it so that it's functional for your needs, as well as pleasant to look at.
No matter if you choose professionals to do interior designing for you, or you choose to do this job by yourself, there are a couple of awesome facts on interior design that you definitely MUST know!
· Interior Design vs Interior Decoration! Many people think that interior designing is the same as interior decoration, which is definitely not the case! Interior Design is not only about knowing colours, or knowing which fabric to choose. It also implies improving the indoors (residential or commercial) while respecting a number of health and welfare practices. Interior Design is a profession that requires a formal education where designers study about building codes, safety measures, etc.
· Mixing styles is perfectly okay! The times when houses and apartments were exclusively Gothic, or Victorian style are a thing of the past. Nowadays it's actually amazing if you can manage to successfully mix styles such as modern elements with something antique in between.
· Reflection of yourself! If you are designing your own condo, it should be a personalization of yourself, who you are, and what you feel is the picture of yourself. If you don't know how to achieve that, look for inspiration from your clothes, hobbies, etc. If you like vintage clothes, chances are - you will LOVE vintage accessories in your room! If you are designing a pub or a restaurant, the interior design of it should be one where your customers feel comfortable.
· Don't forget the comfort! Especially when it comes to living spaces, comfort shouldn't be overlooked. Although looks are important as well, comfort is what you most need for your home. Why would you buy some expensive and modern chair if you have to try not to fall every time you sit on it?
· Be careful of the lighting! Even if everything in your indoor paradise is perfect, you've done nothing without the right lights! The proper lighting can make magic even in the ugliest space. Usually, putting up more lights, and different ones, placed on different locations is the best way to go. Soft ambient light can set up the mood for a romantic dinner, or a quiet night in, while a strong, direct light can be super helpful for reading, writing, etc.
· Go green! Plants or flowers are a great way to freshen up any room or indoor space in general. Especially if your space is too modern, cold, or minimalistic, a green plant can definitely bring some life to the room.
· Play with textures, designs, colours... ! Who said that black and brown don't go together? Or red and pink? Of course they do! Who said that lines and circles shouldn't be used together??? All these pairs can go together perfectly as long as you know how to place them. Don't be afraid to experiment a bit with different patterns, textures, colours... You might be surprised of how great the result is!
· Small details are the key! Although the sofa, dining table, and the curtains are important, the small details are usually the ones who complement the room as a whole. This can be some old books that you pile up on the coffee table, or some wooden decorations, an old vintage suitcase... anything that might add that special charm to your room!
· Out-of-the-Box thinking! Why should every dining table have 8 identical chairs? Why not 5 chairs and a bench on the other side? Why should the curtains match anything in the room? Why shouldn't you paint a wall black? Never stick to traditional beliefs when it comes to interior design. On the contrary, taking a risk can result with something far better!
· The power of pillows! Have you noticed how your living room sofa instantly looks better when you throw a bunch of pillows on it. Or your bed? If you have only two pillows on your sofa it looks kind of empty doesn't it? That's the magic of pillows! Even if your sofa is not that great, adding a few more colourful pattern pillows will change everything in a second.
· Wallpapers! Although many people are afraid of using them, or think that the room will look cheap or cartoony, that's not the case. The right wallpaper can transform a room and add more life and charm into it. And there are millions of choices out there!
· Artworks! What if you've put everything together perfectly in a room, but it still looks like an empty hospital room? Not to worry! Paintings or carefully framed pictures on the blank wall should add that special touch you're missing. You don't have to throw a lot of money on famous paintings. Any painting or picture will look good framed on the wall as long as you coordinate the colours in the right way!
· Virtually divide open areas with rugs! If your apartment is more of an open space without doors or walls, you can use different small rugs at each area (one in the living room, another at the reading corner, third one in the dining area, etc.) in order to create the illusion of different rooms.
· Simple Bedroom! In your bedroom, less is more! The main piece of furniture should be a huge bed with lots of pillows! Then a wardrobe and a nightstand (eventually a coffee table), and that's really all you need! Don't clutter your sleeping place with unnecessary stuff!
· De-clutter! No matter how good the indoor space looks, the whole impression can be ruined if you have stuff all over the place. Find some good looking baskets or boxes where you can hide all that stuff quickly!

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Friday, June 12, 2015


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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

4 Hot Tips for Brightening Your Home Decor for Summer

Using just a few home decor tricks can brighten and freshen a room almost instantly. You can transform a dark, dingy space using very little time or money and completely update the look of your room. If you're ready for a lighter, fresher room decor this summer, try these four tips to brighten your spaces.
1. Paint it
Lighter paint shades can help create the illusion of more space, and there are a wealth of pale shades to choose from. Pure white walls can look too stark in some rooms, but even white comes in many shades these days - pale creams and yellows, soft blues and greens, etc. You can even choose a paint with a metallic finish, these paints will reflect ambient light and add a soft sheen to the room day and night.
2. Maximize light
Simply replacing heavy curtains with sheer fabrics can brighten an interior space and transform the whole feel of the room. Consider adding a large mirror or two in darker rooms - this will maximize the available light and make the room look twice as big as before. There are also countless options for adding light to your home decor update. You could add a chandelier or use adjustable light switches to give you full control over the room's light level.
3. Maximize space
You can use the furniture you choose for a room to add more light and add the illusion of space. White, glossy pieces will not only reflect light, but also blend into the background against pale walls and create the feeling of openness. Choosing furniture with legs which allow you to see the floor underneath is another good way to make a room feel larger. There are even a variety of transparent furnishings available today that can add a whole new feeling of space to even the smallest rooms.
4. Freshen fabrics
Change up any dark, drab covers on sofas and chairs with fresh, light colors. Cream and other pale shades are popular choices, and you can add splashes of color on cushions and throws to add interest to the interior space. Most home d├ęcor experts suggest adding textured fabrics such as wool, velvet and faux fur to add a more luxurious feel to the room, especially if your color scheme uses a lot of whites.
Even just a couple of these simple decorating tricks can instantly transform a room and give the illusion of more light and space. The best part about these fixes is that they're easy and budget-friendly. By using these home decor tips to add more light to a room, you can brighten and freshen any space in your home easily for summer.

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Saturday, June 6, 2015

Kirk Nix for Robert Allen Contract: The Penthouse Collection

Robert Allen and design superstar Kirk Nix have teamed up to create an invigorating new collection that pays homage to the worlds of fashion, travel and interior design. The collection offers a wholly cosmopolitan perspective. Motifs are architectural, modern and exotic, riffing on everything from tribal African textiles to Art Deco geometry, all offered in durable fabrics and sophisticated colorways.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Window Treatments

Get rid of drab window treatments, and update your space with the hottest colors and latest fabrics. It's the little things that make a room inviting. Window treatments bring the whole room design together. From modern panels, over-the-top draperies or streamlined shades, Wirth Furniture & Interiors will find the treatments that work for your space.